International Young Gifted Musicians Competition

“Passion of Music” Japan 2025



Suntory Hall (Tokyo) & Minato Mirai Hall (Yokohama)


Winners Recitals


March 30 and April 1, 2025

WE INVITE TO  PARTICIPATE IN OUR COMPETITION  instrumentalists (piano, strings, winds), vocalists and chamber ensembles all nationalities age 6 to 21.

The competition includes 2 rounds – the FIRST ROUND & the FINAL ROUND

GOLD, PLATINUM and DIAMOND WINNERS will be invited to a live performance at one of Japan’s most famous concert halls on March 30 at Suntory Hall (Tokyo), the most prestigious concert hall in Japan and on April 1 at Minato Mirai Hall (Yokohama).

PRIZES and AWARDS (For Final Round only)
* Prizes are awarded to Final Round winners only. The results of the first round only indicates whether a participant is accepted into the Final Round
*Cash prizes at the discretion of the jury
*Winners will receive medals and certificates


Accepting applications for the First Round: starting from January 31, 2024

Application deadline for First Round: June 25, 2024

First Round results were emailed to applicants on July 2, 2024


Application for the final round is by invitation only, based on the results of the first round

The application must contain the following:
A) Final Round Application Form (ensemble members need to submit a registration form individually).

* Requirements for the Musical Piece:
1) The musical piece must be different from the one submitted in the first round.
2) Time limits for each age group:
– Group A (age 6-7 years) – 4 min.
– Group B (age 8-11 years) – 5 min.
– Group C (age 12-16 years) – 6 min.
– Group D (age 17-21 years) – 7 min.

B) Application Fees (FINAL ROUND):
$150 per application (per solo instrument)
$175 per the ensemble
Full payment for the first round must be made before an application will be considered. All fees are non-refundable.

Application deadline for FINAL Round: SEPTEMBER 15, 2024


Online auditions are open to instrumentalists (piano, strings, winds), vocalists, and chamber ensembles of all nationalities and are divided into the age categories: Group A  (Ages 7), Group B( Age 8 to 11), Group C( Ages 12 to 16), and Group D (Age 17-21). Recorded performances need be sent as a link to YouTube.

* Festival participants need to perform one piece (an additional selection of 2nd piece is optional) from a standard repertory from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Modern Era and performed from memory. Sonata/Sonatina movement or a part of another cyclic form (Suite, Prelude & Fugue, etc.) is also acceptable.
*Soloists must perform selections from memory. Ensembles and duet groups may use the score.

* An unedited video of the performance sent to us as a Youtube link. Edited video will not be accepted.
* Make sure that the video is set to either PUBLIC or UNLISTED on Youtube. Private links on YouTube are not openable and hence will not be accepted. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the video link is openable.
* The recording must be clearly labeled with your name.
* All applicants must perform from memory (except Ensemble) and no-repeat.
* YouTube recording should be a fair representation of the Applicant’s abilities.
* The recordings are not required to be of professional quality.
* The recording must be free of background noise and distortion.
* Performers MUST be wearing appropriate attire with a professional setting background. Performers wearing inappropriate attire (in either round/live or recorded categories) will be disqualified. This includes but is not limited to jeans, sportswear, t-shirts, sneakers, ripped or torn items, etc.

1. The decision of the jury is final with no appeal.
2. AADGT and will not respond to questions about other applicants or regarding their submissions.
3. All information provided to us will be safe-guarded by privacy regulations.
4. The Competition reserves the right to make amendments to its rules and regulations.
6. The award of prizes, trophies and cash awards are entirely subject to the discretion of the jury. Jury may withhold prizes if the performances are not up to standard.
7. All the information provided to the festival in the application must be truthful.
8. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to provide correct contact information and mailing address. The Competition is not responsible for lack of communication with the applicant or unsuccessful delivery of medals/trophies and prizes due to incorrect correspondence information provided by the applicant.

* Application Fees (FIRST ROUND):
$150 per application (per solo instrument)
$175 per for ensemble
* Application Fees (FINAL ROUND):
$165 per application (per solo instrument)
$190 for ensemble
Full payment must be made upon registration.

* Competition’s fees are non-refundable.
* The competition organizers are not responsible for accommodation, travel expenses or any other costs necessary to participate in the concert at Suntory Hall (Blue Rose) on March 30, 2025.
* By submitting an application to the competition, competitors automatically agree to abide by all above rules and regulations

Application Fees (FINAL ROUND)

Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15, 2024

Solo performance: $165


Ensemble Application Fee:190